We try to keep things as simple as possible for our clients but sometimes we all need a helping hand. Here are the answers to our top 5 most commonly asked questions.

1. So we’ve had photo week but now we’re desperate to see the results. How long will we have to wait?

For kinder/childcare portraits it varies depending on the size of the Centre but 2-3 weeks is pretty standard. From there allow 2 weeks for families to order and another 1-2 weeks for printing/packaging - so around 6 weeks from photo day to delivery.

2. I can’t access my child’s preschool/childcare portraits. Can you tell me how to get in?

Privacy issues are very real and we do everything to keep photos of little people secure. This means there are a couple of unique passwords you’ll need to enter before you can view your child’s photos. Follow the steps on your “Photos are Ready!” notice, ensuring you enter all usernames and passwords exactly as written - everything is case sensitive! If you have done everything you can without success then get in touch via email and we’ll help you out.

3. How can I view your packages and prices?

A current price list can be found here:

You can also view pricing information from within your child’s photo gallery. If you select any photo and go to the shopping cart icon (“buy photo”) it will list all of the packages, scroll down to see individual print prices. To see what’s in each of the packages click on them one at a time and it’ll give you all the details on the left of screen.

4. I want to order the CD but it only lets me put one image on the order. How do I get a digital copy of all of the photos?

When you chose to purchase a CD of images (or indeed any of the packages which include a CD) you automatically get ALL of the images from your gallery. It doesn’t matter which image you put in the shopping cart, you’ll get the lot on your CD!

5. I’ve missed out on ordering my child’s photos. Can I still view/purchase them?

You sure can! All galleries are removed from the website after orders close but can be reinstated for one week upon request. Please note there is a minimum spend of $30 for late orders.

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